Sep. 20, 2018

Dead In 5 Heartbeats In Hindi Movie Download

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The Infidelz MC's former President, Patch Kinkade, is dragged back into his prior life when the peace accord between the clubs is broken.

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original title: Dead in 5 Heartbeats

genge: Action,Adventure,Crime,Drama

imdb: 5.4

duration: 1h 51min

tags: Everybody's A Tough Guy, Until You Meet One

budget: $300,000

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The Infidelz MC's former President, Patch Kinkade, is dragged back into his prior life when the peace accord between the clubs is broken. Adapted from the successful novel, Dead in 5 Heartbeats, by Ralph "Sonny" Barger with Keith and Kent Zimmerman. The story follows the Infidelz MC's former President, Patch Kinkade, who has left his personal demons behind for the calm of desert life. When war erupts between his brothers he left behind and the rival Hooligans, Patch rides back into town to either make peace or do battle. After buying this film and watching it 3 times in a weeks time I do have to say that I really enjoyed it. First of all the storyline is fantastic and from start to finish I was very entertained, all three times!

Each time I viewed this film I caught something I missed, I got a closer understanding of 'biker life' even though I've been around motorcycles all my life, this really gave a good view of the love, honor and respect that these men, women and their families have for one another and put out during life's daily struggles. This shows what it really means to live and try to be free from big brother and the made up rules of a society that cares nothing about people as a whole but just wants to keep them down and under their rule.

Sometimes laws do get broken, the laws of society and when they do there are repercussions but these are not as severe as breaking the unwritten laws of a brotherhood and trust, this movie shows that freedom comes with a price for all that some are willing to pay.

I salute the men and women that were all a part of this great movie and wish to thank Mr. Barger for this story and the film that came from it.

With respect, I feel that this movie is a class act and delivers a message of loyalty, honor, trust and the true love of others.

This is a very important eyeopener so do yourself a favor and watch it when you can, you'll be glad you did! I enjoyed this movie. I grew up around the Local 81 and a few other MCs in town and this movie shows how these people live and die. I would say anyone who has good knowledge of any MC would agree that this is a good movie to watch. Keep in mind that there are very few real actors in this movie and that the producers used real MCs to work and act in this movie. This movie is not about acting it is about the lifestyle of the 1%.The quality of this DVD was excellent and I was very happy to purchase and watch this movie. I also ordered a shirt and everything was delivered in a couple of days. If anyone has read the book it is a little different but close to it. Sonny Barger did a great job on this movie.


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